Zambian Health PCV distributes 600 PSI/MammaSafeNight Nets to his village!

Jon Mann PCV Zambia


June 2011, Nets gets distributed by a PCV Zambian health volunteer!

During June of last year the Mwinilunga District Health office had an abundance of PSI/ Mama Safenight mosquito nets, but lacked the funds to distribute them. The community health workers of Kanyikochi and I met to discuss how to bring these nets to our community.

After the meeting, community volunteers went door to door and inspected each house to see how many mosquito nets each house had, the number of people in each household, and whether the nets were being used properly.

The CHW’s created a spreadsheet with this data and brought it to the district who released 600 mosquito nets for distribution. Peace Corps transported the nets to the volunteer’s house for holding. The community volunteers and I had another meeting to discuss the best way to educate villagers and distribute the nets across the community. After informing the community of the day of distribution, volunteers from the Kanyikochi community came and picked up the nets on their bicycles. The distribution team had four members. One member was in charge of the spread sheet, two in charge of net hanging and malaria education, and I opened the nets and kept part of the bag. This was done to prevent reselling of the nets. The first day of the distribution we gave out over 300 nets with malaria education to the community.

Three weeks after out initial net distribution, the community and I went out again with Peace Corps’ Malaria Response Volunteer to inspect the nets given out and redistribute nets to the families who were in the fields during the initial net distribution. We were able to distribute another 150 nets in Kanyikochi to completely cover the village.

The remaining nets were distributed to teachers, students, and staff during Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World).

This year for World Malaria Day the community health workers of my villages decided on large scale education for mothers and children during Under 5 Clinic outreach. Through interactive discussions we educated over 400 mothers, fathers, and youth on malaria prevention, drug adherence, and proper nutrition.


Jonathan Mann

CHIP PCV 2010- 2012

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