World Malaria Day in Dabir, Central Region, Ghana


By Johanna Twiford

After gathering community members in our community center, my counterpart George and I welcomed everyone to our World Malaria Day event. The first half of the event included demonstrating how to properly hang, repair and wash a mosquito net. We utilized our new S.W.A.T. Malaria bucket lid to hang the rectangle treated net in a ‘princess’ fashion from an overhanging beam. Since we had to cut a small hole to run the rope through the net, we then demonstrated how to repair a hole in the treated net with needle and thread. And for the last part of the demonstration, we gently washed the net with key soap and hung it in the shade to dry. Soon we were off to the discussion portion of the event. Utilizing the high-risk / low-risk cards we discussed the importance of covering your water and the consequence of not sleeping under a treated net properly. Next, we emphasized how vulnerable and dangerous it is for pregnant women and children under the age of 5 to have malaria. Our community asked many questions varying from whether local herbs were a way to treat malaria to how to prevent malaria during the rainy season. After the close of the event we gathered together to take a photograph showing how excited we all were to learn more about the prevention of malaria. Today has been a great day in Dabir!

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