Weekly Awesome Cameroon: Mosquito Net Transformation

Peace Corps Cameroon developed its own Mosquito Net  Transformation video to support all sectors of Volunteers working in Cameroon: Community Health, Agribusiness, Youth Development, and Education, to initiate malaria-related projects in their communities. Net transformation helps people who live in housing structures or who normally sleep outside, where it may be difficult to hang a net. It is much easier to hang a net using one tie, compared to four.

The activity transforms square-shaped nets to circular shape. This activity is especially promoted to Agribusiness volunteers as they work primarily with farmers who may sleep outside when tending to their crops. A circular-shaped net is easier to hang from a tree. Additionally, Agribusiness volunteers who work on community economic development may  promote this activity as an income-generating activity to local organizations.

Stomp Out Malaria Coordinator, Response volunteer Kate Mishkin first taught the transformation technique to Cameroonian counterparts, a Peace Corps staff member and a local seamstress, and filmed the counterparts as they explained the technique. The video was filmed in French, English, and  Pidgin, which are the primary languages used by Volunteers in Cameroon.