Weekly Awesome Zambia: Training


Zambia rolled out Focus-In-Train-Up (FITU) Pre-Service Training (PST) Malaria 101 Training Sessions the first week of August. Stomp Coordinator, Jane Coleman attended the pre-service training training of trainers (TOT) to explain the new FITU manual and what Peace Corps Headquarters is requiring of all trainings and of Peace Corps Trainees. …

Weekly Awesome Zambia: Film Crew Visit


Peace Corps Headquarters sent a film crew to Zambia to learn and highlight what Peace Corps Volunteers, Peace Corps Response Volunteers, and Peace Corps Volunteer Leaders are doing in the field. Peace Corps/Zambia has one of the largest numbers of third-year extension rates and Peace Corps Response Volunteers. Volunteers of …


Weekly Awesome Zambia: Natural Mosquito Repellent Production


Natural Mosquito Repellent Production in Zambia: Soaps and Lotions:  Results of the research, design, and development of locally produced repellents in the Appropriate Technology context  in Luapula Province, Zambia Luapula Province, Zambia is blessed with fertile waterways, seasonal rivers, and an abundance of low lying wetlands. Combined with a reliably …

Weekly Awesome Zambia: Chikakla Bed Net Distribution

PCV Barbara Smith hands out a mosquito net at the Chikakala Rural Health Center Catchment on Saturday, July 7th, 2012

U.S. Peace Corps Volunteers and partners distributed over 550 mosquito nets to six villages at the Chikakala Rural Health Center Catchment, Mpika district, on Saturday, July 7th, 2012. Health Peace Corps Volunteer, Barbara Smith, with Mrs. Maureen Mwape of the Rural Health Center and Mr. Patrick Mwape an Environmental Health …

PMI/STOMP Net Durability in the Stage of Net Cutting and Data Entry


Zambia Stomp has been working with PMI for a year now on a Net Durability Study with the CDC.  The sample size is 500 Olyset and 500 Perma nets to be study over the course of 2 years. 38 Peace Corps Volunteers and 38 Counterparts were all trained to be …

PC Film Crew Visits STOMP PCVS in Zambia to learn more about the Net Durability Study!


David Berger, Brittany McFall, Tiffany Safia, Bob Morris, Jane Coleman  Edward Perry and Lee Gillenwater visited Zambia in May 2012 for a week to learn more about the Stomp PMI/CDC Net Durability Study. All were great sports and spoke on their experience in the study, how much they have enjoyed being part of a research …

A LIFE Volunteers STOMPS MALARIA OUT in her village!

Nets on WMD Zambia

On World Malaria day, I worked with my nearest health volunteer Jen Park to create two programs. 1.  In Mikunku, we did a malaria presentation at our Under 5 clinic and we over 50 women and children, and at least 8 men asking questions and getting involved in the discussion! …

Malaria Education and Events: Mara Hildebrand

Mara H  PCV Zambia-- WMD

Malaria work in my village never ends…. Since my one-on-one impromptu malaria training I had with villagers who kept falling ill with malaria to continued teaching I have been doing on ITN usage and the importance of visiting a clinic during pregnancy, I always seem to stay busy in the …

Zambian Health PCV distributes 600 PSI/MammaSafeNight Nets to his village!

Jon Mann PCV Zambia

  June 2011, Nets gets distributed by a PCV Zambian health volunteer! During June of last year the Mwinilunga District Health office had an abundance of PSI/ Mama Safenight mosquito nets, but lacked the funds to distribute them. The community health workers of Kanyikochi and I met to discuss how …

Zambia Camp GLOW…get the malaria low down!


Tis the season now in Zambia for CAMP GLOW.  Girls and PCVs from all around the country come together for a week long girls empowerment workshop to learn about HIV, STIs, malaria, pregnancy, the importance of schooling, and how to stand up for what they believe in! The Stomp Malaria Coordinator, …

Stomp Team and MOP Team Experience Malaria Indicator Survey

Zambia MIS, May 2012

The Zambia Malaria Indicator Survey was being conducted during the MOP meeting and the team and Stomp Zambia was able to walk with the health volunteers and see what the MIS was all about. Collecting names, households, basic SES questions, malaria questions, as well as screen, test, and treat! The team traveled …

The PMI/USAID and CDC Malaria Operational Team Visit Zambia

MOP Team Zambia, 2012

It is time….The Malaria Operational Team from CDC and PMI/USAID came to Zambia for a week during May, 2012 to work on the plans and budget for fiscal year 2013.  The Stomp Malaria Coordinator, Jane Coleman, joined in on the week long meetings and gave a presentation on the PMI …

Mobile Clinics

Mobile Clinic Team in Lusaka for WMD

The National Malaria Control Centre organized ‘mobile clinics’ around compounds to screen, test, and treat people. The Peace Corps Stomp Out Malaria Coordinator, Jane Coleman, and a Linking Income and Food Environment Volunteer, Laura Walls, walked around with community health workers and their loud speakers, letting people know to come to the …

Malaria and Lack of Education in Zambia


“What is truly troubling about the ongoing malaria epidemic is that the problem– in Zambia at least– is not about the treatability/preventability of the disease, or even about the availability of coartem and mosquito nets.  It is about education….” A PCV in Northern Province talks about malaria control and the …

400 People Attend a World Malaria Day Event in Central Province

Stomp Out Malaria in Zambia!

Great work and congrats to Lizzy and Ben Auxier for the preparations and work on a very successful World Malaria Day event! 400 people showed up, nets were passed out, drama skits were performed, and some incredible pictures were taken. Read more about it on their blog!!! http://benandlizzysmudhut.blogspot.com/2012/04/world-malaria-day-events-in-kanona.html   STOMP STOMP!!!!

PCV becomes the ‘Malaria Guru’ in his village!


A Peace Corps Health Volunteer becomes the ‘Malaria Guru & Professor’ in his village this week, when he taught 48 women and 9 men about malaria prevention, sign and symptoms, and treatment for World Malaria Day! Photos and resource materials are to follow…. David N. Berger, CHIP Volunteer, 2011-2013

PC Health Volunteer works with World Vision on a World Malaria Day event in her village!


Community Health & Improvement Program Peace Corps Volunteer collaborated with World Vision today on a World Malaria Day event in Zambia’s Southern Province! An opening prayer, malaria education skits by neighborhood health committees, and poems and music were written about malaria prevention!  Environmental Health Officers were participating from the MoH and …

Life in the Bush, Malaria Control, and Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday!


Blog: Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday: A PCV in Zambia talks about life in the bush and malaria control. Check out my Blog://shan-in-zam.blogspot.com/ As a Peace Corps Volunteer in a Sub-Saharan African country, I see malaria everywhere. It’s in my village, it’s in Peace Corps culture, it’s at the clinic, …

An Impromptu Malaria Talk


During last March, I went to visit my village during my long stay at the Kasama house after fracturing my leg. I met with a neighbor who informed me that his family has been severely inflicted by malaria, so I did a one-on-one impromptu training with him. I helped him …