A Malaria Superhero Called PaludisMan

The superhero, PaludisMan, and cover page for the comic strips. 
Designed by: Mehdi Chahin, Agroforestry PCV

Senegal Agroforestry PCV, Mehdi Chahin aimed to teach malaria prevention to the youth in a way that would be both fun and accessible. The PaludisMan project couples an educational tool featuring a fictional malaria superhero (PaludisMan) in comic format with the “Grassroot Skillz” Malaria curriculum to teach youth about the importance of malaria prevention while …

World Malaria Month 2015: Murals and More in Malawi

written by: Beccy Burleson, PCV Malawi In Peace Corps we devote the entire month of April to activities promoting the eradication of malaria in Africa. We call it World Malaria Month. Malaria remains a huge problem in Africa. Actually, it remains a huge problem worldwide, with approximately 207 million cases …

Jeunes Contre Le Palu! (Youth Against Malaria!)


Alongside local teachers and nurses, Ben DeMuth (Agribuisness PCV) and Emily Feher (Health PCV) developed and implemented a short youth-centered program for the students at the high school and technical school in their village called Jeunes Contre le Palu (Youth against malaria). It was a program that taught life skills such as how to set a goal and make a plan of action to reach their goals, but also focused on malaria transmission and prevention, and how they can be agents of change in their community to promote healthy malaria prevention behaviors.

Students Take Lead in Malaria Education in Rwanda


It was pouring rain as I arrived at my school 45-minutes before our day of malaria education. All the students were cooped up in their dorms or taking shelter in the cafeteria. We had a tight schedule ahead of us, and the rain was clearly going to be a huge …

Weekly Awesome HIV & Malaria Co-infection: Sports Clinic Promotes Healthy Living in Mozambique

Woman sitting with mosquito nets after the race.

AJOPEM (Associacao de Jovens Para a Evangelizacao em Melodia) is an organization that provides youth outreach to orphans and vulnerable children ages 10-17 in Gurue District, Zambezia Province. On October 19th, 2013, AJOPEM launched a malaria and HIV/AIDS youth sports clinic, during which 30 orphans and vulnerable children in Gurue participated in various malaria …

Raising Malaria Awareness with Theater in Senegal


By PCV Katherine Ralston In a large village outside the regional capital of Kolda, the annual end-of-school celebration was fast approaching and the program was in need of a theatrical component. Every school year, the population of Santankoye nearly doubles as students move in from surrounding villages and the regional …


Weekly Awesome Mozambique: Spotlight on Youth Activities and Malaria Prevention with Wendy, Mary-Kate and Colleen

Alfonso (an Activista at Lemusica), the kids and Wendy

Most Peace Corps Mozambique Volunteers are involved in some form of activity with youth, whether it’s through teaching, placements with organizations that focus on youth outreach, or with secondary projects like REDES (Peace Corps Mozambique’s “Girls in Development, Education and Health” Empowerment Program) or JUNTOS (Peace Corps Mozambique’s “Youth United …

Nightwatch Curriculum Week

28 students completed the NightWatch curriculum.

By: PCVs Chelsea Moeller and Rachel Zorn Teachers: PCV Rachel Zorn, PCV Chelsea Moeller, Monsieur Balde Location: Anambe Elementary School (PCV Rachel Zorn’s Site), Kolda Region Date: December 11-15, 2012 NighWatch is a 6-day malaria education curriculum designed for elementary and middle school students. Malaria No More created the curriculum …

Income Generation Through Mosquito Net Hammocks

Hammock from Ngora

Finding employment is difficult for youth in Ngora parish, located in eastern Uganda. Many haven’t completed their schooling and do not have the financial means to do so. The Ngora Parish Harmack Company is a community based organization founded in February 2011 by PCV Matthew Boddie and his counterpart Denis Obote. …

Weekly Awesome Ghana: Working with Peer Educators

Mighty Arms students posing with their peer educators after the close of the program.

Sean Blaufuss is a Health Peace Corps Volunteer in Western Region, Ghana. For six months, he has been working the Sefwi Asawinso Secondary School’s Future Health Leaders Club. Working in partnership with the school staff, specifically Assistant Headmaster Prince Djido, Sean formed the group in February 2012. The club aims …