TBT: My one year anniversary on World Malaria Day

Sarah Genelle Castagnola, PCV Uganda

Do you miss reading about World Malaria Day? So do we! This week we are throwing it back to an incredible volunteer, highlighting her admirable efforts on World Malaria Day. Check out Sarah Genelle Castagnola, as she reflects on her first year of service and overcoming challenges in the field.

Weekly Awesome Madagascar: Volunteer Spotlight: Ellen Miller

A market training trivia session with community members.

Ellen Miller is a Health PCV in a small village in the northwest region. According to the Malaria Operating Plan of Fiscal Year 2013, the entire west coast has the second-highest prevalence of malaria in children under five years, of 3.9%. The climate of the Northwest region is very hot …

Weekly Awesome Madagascar: Volunteer Spotlight: Teena Curry

Teena Curry giving a mosquito net to a mother after the child has received all vaccinations.

In her first two years while living in Amparafaravola which is located in the Lac Alaotra region of Madagascar, PCV Teena Curry with the youth group painted a mural depicting the malaria transmission cycle and the importance of sustained LLIN use. By the end of the event, 15 members of …

PC Film Crew Visits STOMP PCVS in Zambia to learn more about the Net Durability Study!


David Berger, Brittany McFall, Tiffany Safia, Bob Morris, Jane Coleman  Edward Perry and Lee Gillenwater visited Zambia in May 2012 for a week to learn more about the Stomp PMI/CDC Net Durability Study. All were great sports and spoke on their experience in the study, how much they have enjoyed being part of a research …

Malaria Education and Events: Mara Hildebrand

Mara H  PCV Zambia-- WMD

Malaria work in my village never ends…. Since my one-on-one impromptu malaria training I had with villagers who kept falling ill with malaria to continued teaching I have been doing on ITN usage and the importance of visiting a clinic during pregnancy, I always seem to stay busy in the …

World Malaria Day Net Care and Repair Event


Materials (Amounts vary based on how many participants you anticipate attending your event- Use your best judgment. These amounts are based on having around 50 participants) [list style=”check”] 25 sewing needles 10 bars of soap (each cut into four pieces) 10 medium sized wash basins 1 spool of rope (for …

World Malaria Day in Dabir, Central Region, Ghana


By Johanna Twiford After gathering community members in our community center, my counterpart George and I welcomed everyone to our World Malaria Day event. The first half of the event included demonstrating how to properly hang, repair and wash a mosquito net. We utilized our new S.W.A.T. Malaria bucket lid …

S.W.A.T. Central takes World Malaria Day head on!


Central Region Peace Corps Volunteers came together on Sunday, April 22 2012 in our regional capital of Cape Coast to host a World Malaria Day event. As music was pumping and PCV’s were dancing the azonto, a small crowd gathered around to see what the action was about. Soon the …

PCV becomes the ‘Malaria Guru’ in his village!


A Peace Corps Health Volunteer becomes the ‘Malaria Guru & Professor’ in his village this week, when he taught 48 women and 9 men about malaria prevention, sign and symptoms, and treatment for World Malaria Day! Photos and resource materials are to follow…. David N. Berger, CHIP Volunteer, 2011-2013

PC Health Volunteer works with World Vision on a World Malaria Day event in her village!


Community Health & Improvement Program Peace Corps Volunteer collaborated with World Vision today on a World Malaria Day event in Zambia’s Southern Province! An opening prayer, malaria education skits by neighborhood health committees, and poems and music were written about malaria prevention!  Environmental Health Officers were participating from the MoH and …

Sleep Tight..


Karin Nordstrom Now you may be wondering if the risk of malaria is only at night and if no one is newly infected with malaria then it cannot spread, why doesn’t everyone just sleep under their nets and malaria will go away. Well that is much easier said than done. …

Life in the Bush, Malaria Control, and Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday!


Blog: Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday: A PCV in Zambia talks about life in the bush and malaria control. Check out my Blog://shan-in-zam.blogspot.com/ As a Peace Corps Volunteer in a Sub-Saharan African country, I see malaria everywhere. It’s in my village, it’s in Peace Corps culture, it’s at the clinic, …

An Impromptu Malaria Talk


During last March, I went to visit my village during my long stay at the Kasama house after fracturing my leg. I met with a neighbor who informed me that his family has been severely inflicted by malaria, so I did a one-on-one impromptu training with him. I helped him …

Cameroon Update: Jesse Casanova


Jesse Casanova blogs about malaria on The Ledger. “A child dies every 60 seconds from malaria, a problem which we are all working together to fight,” he said. “So far there has been a wide range of mosquito net distributions and campaigns to teach people how to properly hang up …


Malaria Murals: Mariana Andrade-Bejarano


Here are some pictures of the malaria murals being done!  The first one is Mariana Andrade-Bejarano (in the back) who designed the mural, with a group of students she taught a malaria lesson to using the picture. The rest are of the Peace Corps Trainees and staff painting the mural in Mantasoa this past …

S.W.A.T. – Standing With Africa to Terminate Malaria In-Service Training


By: Johanna Twiford S.W.A.T. Malaria met on Monday, April 16th, 2012 at Bunso Cocoa College in the Eastern Region of Ghana to educate and train the new regional representatives. The ten (10) new regional representatives were educated on the basics of malaria, prevention methods, treatment methods, and interventions. They were …


Spreading the World About Malaria with Twitter!


Morning folks – I’ve been writing a couple more introspective blogs lately so I thought I’d get back to the meat and bone of volunteer work – projects! I’m narrowing in on today’s project because of it’s importance and because I’m celebrating completing the first of six bi-annual observation visits & …

Mozambique Updates: Adrienne Long


The picture is of PCVs Adrienne Long (left) and Megan Nelson with SCIP (Strengthening Communities through Integrated Programming) employees, including a regional coordinator, water and sanitation technician, youth coordinator, HIV prevention technician, and members of a theater group. Unfortunately, she does not have pictures from the Monday broadcast, but she …

Uganda Malaria Update: Amanda Rodriquez


I spent my service living at the last matatu stop of an urban area.  What lay beyond were endless maze, cassava, bean and banana fields with mud-brick structures scattered here and there with swamp lands and dense jungle intermitted.  I worked with a Community Based Organization (CBO) and a health …