TBT: My one year anniversary on World Malaria Day

Sarah Genelle Castagnola, PCV Uganda

Do you miss reading about World Malaria Day? So do we! This week we are throwing it back to an incredible volunteer, highlighting her admirable efforts on World Malaria Day. Check out Sarah Genelle Castagnola, as she reflects on her first year of service and overcoming challenges in the field.

Peace Corps Cameroon Hosts Malaria “Test, Talk and Treat” Campaign

Cameroon WMD

  To commemorate the 7th Annual World Malaria Day on April 25, 2014, Peace Corps Volunteers (PCVs) and staff partnered with the Cameroon Red Cross and the Cameroon Ministry of Public Health to host a one-day malaria testing and educational campaign, testing 500 people with rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) donated …

Weekly Awesome HIV/AIDS & Malaria Co-Infection: Rusizi Radio Project

Students from GS St. Esprit Mushaka record a sketch for the radio.

As the few minutes of twilight turned to dark, we were still waiting for the sound engineers to arrive. The students were losing hope and I was losing them. One by one they left the school disappointed. When the sound engineers finally arrived an hour and a half late I …

Weekly Awesome: Choco Choco*(Little by Little)

Jenny M. working on malaria with her community counterparts.

Educating the People of Togo on Malaria After living and volunteering in Togo for almost two years, I have seen firsthand the devastating effects of malaria. Despite being a preventable disease, malaria kills often in Togo, especially infants. I have seen counterparts and neighbors so sick from malaria that they …

Andrew “Odeke” Boston Turns Up the Volume Against Malaria with Aisa 92.4

Andrew "Odeke" Boston sends the malaria messages through the airwaves in Ngora

Written by Andrew Boston: As a Peace Corps volunteer I work with Aisa 92.4 radio station in Eastern Uganda,  helping manage day to day operations along with hosting 4 hours of radio programming every day. We cover a broad range of topics, from economic development to public health to current …


Weekly Awesome Mozambique: Radio Fun with Alden and Olivia

Alden Jacobs and Olivia Drouhaut are Health Volunteers in Chibuto, Gaza Province. They used the skills they learned from a training on the open-source audio-editing program Audacity to create a minute-long radio spot in Portuguese to promote bednet usage in their community. The spot is currently running intermittently throughout the …

Promoting the World Malaria Day Concert

Imoite Omulepu and Mirabell Kumfa

To celebrate the 6th World Malaria Day, Cameroon’s Minister of Public Health (MoPH) and Malaria No More (MNM) are co-hosting a concert in Yaounde featuring some of Cameroon’s most popular musical artists. In addition to highlighting the progress Cameroon has made in the fight against malaria over the last year …

Weekly Awesome Ghana: NightWatch PSA Campaign

PCV Sean Blaufuss spending time at his local radio station, Da Beat 95.5 FM

The scratchy pitch of the radio still dominates in small communities across Ghana and the developing world.  Men lay on thatched mats listening to the radio in an attempt to escape the stifling heat and humidity, the youth dance rhythmically to Hip Hop and Hiplife beats, and women listen patiently …

Boot Camp VI, Day 8: Visit to Health Structures, Communications, and Radio


This morning, boot camp VI participants divided into groups to visit three local health structures: a district hospital, a health post, and a rural health hut. The objectives of the visits were to learn about any discrepancies among the various health levels, differences between the Senegalese health system and other …

Stomp Mozambique Starts the Year Off Right!

Youth groups in Zambezia province playing the mosquito net game

After a short break over the holidays, Mozambique is back at work stomping out malaria!  On February 1st, 39 education volunteers got a chance to show off their creative skills by learning how to make malaria-related radio spots using the open-source sound editing software called Audacity. During their mid-service conference, Volunteers brainstormed …

Stomp Mozambique Team Shares Knowledge with New Health Volunteers

A group of volunteers learning to use Audacity

During the recent Reconnect In-Service Training, the 18th group of volunteers to serve in Mozambique (colloquially called “Moz 18”) participated in an invaluable training that enables them to stomp out malaria in Mozambique. 3rd year Volunteers and Stomp Coordinators Kyla Johnson and Scooter “Anata” Walsh presented sessions about malaria in …


Weekly Awesome Senegal: An Extensive Malaria Radio Program


By: Team TEWDU FM (94.0 rajo men oo Diaobe), PC/ Senegal The TEWDU FM (94.0 Diaobe) Peace Corps radio program has completed the early stages of an audacious, eight show series about malaria. The series has at least three broad goals: to produce high quality mass media communications to disseminate educational messages …

Weekly Awesome Tanzania: Radio

Danielle Alling and Uma Patel use Audacity to prepare a PSA at the Regional Malaria Training in Dodoma.

In a country where radio reaches a majority of the population, airwaves carry music, news and announcements to Tanzanians from cities to remote villages.  Radio is a new way for Volunteers in Tanzania to become involved in raising awareness about malaria and education.  All volunteers are trained in facilitating PataPata …

Mozambique Updates: Adrienne Long


The picture is of PCVs Adrienne Long (left) and Megan Nelson with SCIP (Strengthening Communities through Integrated Programming) employees, including a regional coordinator, water and sanitation technician, youth coordinator, HIV prevention technician, and members of a theater group. Unfortunately, she does not have pictures from the Monday broadcast, but she …

NightWatch: Promoting Mosquito Net Use in Senegal


Peace Corps Senegal is excited to be partnering with Malaria No More and Speak Up Africa to bring the fight against malaria into classrooms across the country using the NightWatch campaign. NightWatch is a combination of a communication campaign and a school curriculum, both designed to encourage Senegalese people to …

Senegal’s Monthly Malaria Update


Keeping Peace Corps Volunteers in the field updated on what’s going on all over their posts can be difficult. Getting those same volunteers to share the great news about work they’re doing with NGOs and other partners at post can be almost impossible. That’s why Peace Corps Senegal is implementing …

Pre-service trainees create a radio PSA


Pre-service trainees in Mali created this radio PSA to promote pre-natal care and malaria prevention with pregnant women. Check it out! [divider top=”0″] [feature href=”http://stompoutmalaria.tumblr.com/post/18840856066/weekly-awesome-mali-a-radio-psa-for-pre-natal” buttontext=”Here!”] This project is highlighted on our tumblr weekly awesome! [/feature]

DJ Mali


Radios are the primary source of information in Mali.  There is a massive rural population that for the most part has little to no access to television, newspapers, or internet.  Complicating things further, a too big proportion of the population  is illiterate meaning that even if access was improved it …