Jorie – Every Child Deserves a 5th Birthday… Part 1 (a primer)


April is Malaria Awareness month, and Peace Corps volunteers across Africa from Mali to Zambia to Kenya are working to build consciousness of what remains one of the continent’s most pressing health problems and one of the most deadly killers of children, especially those under five years old. When Westerners …


Jamie Casterton – Stomp Out Malaria Month


Greetings from Mali. I know right now there is a lot going on in Mali politically, but that’s not what I am going to write about today. I wanted to tell you about Stomp Out Malaria Month and what that means for volunteers. April marks the beginning of Stomp Out …

Mali Malaria Month Competition!


On April 25th the entire planet will be marking World Malaria Day by giving donations and raising awareness about this annoying disease. But in Mali, where malaria affects 100% of the people living here (including you!), one day just isn’t gonna cut it. So I hereby proclaim April to be …

4o miles, 6 villages, 5 days: the Mali Malaria awareness bike tour


From March 3-8, a group of Mali PCVs biked a total of 40 miles and visited 6 villages to spread the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa message.  The first stop on the tour was Djoliba the home town of acclaimed musician Salif Keita.  PCVs rolled into town early in the morning …

Volunteers teach Trainees about malaria prevention in Mali

Screen Shot 2012-03-08 at 11.03.51 AM

On December 26, 2011, 41 Peace Corps Trainees dedicated themselves to ending malaria in Mali. “Malaria is responsible for over 60% of all Malian deaths. But through grassroots programming focused on prevention and early treatment, we know we will make a difference in people’s lives.” [divider top=”0″] [feature href=”” buttontext=”Here!”] …

Spotlight on Mali Volunteer Melissa Correia


Mali PCV Melissa Correia (2010-2012) recently rocked the central Mali town of Dioro with a week-long neem lotion campaign.  She worked with Seydou Traore, her counterpart, to advertise the event on the local radio station.  When the time came for the event, this publicity proved to be successful. A demonstration …

Pre-service trainees create a radio PSA


Pre-service trainees in Mali created this radio PSA to promote pre-natal care and malaria prevention with pregnant women. Check it out! [divider top=”0″] [feature href=”” buttontext=”Here!”] This project is highlighted on our tumblr weekly awesome! [/feature]

Spotlight on Mali Volunteer Jade Way

PCV Jade Way Weekly Awesome

Mali PCV Jade Way (2010-2012) never stops moving.  Her passion for helping her community has led her to do a multitude of education and health related projects.  Among her many programs, she’s taken a strong stand against malaria in her village.  To begin, Jade made a formal baseline malaria survey …

Lights, Camera, Mali!


Want to see what Mali volunteers are doing to Stomp Out Malaria?  Check out our video stream to see what we’re up to in trainings, how to make neem lotion, and how to do the mosquito bonk. You might even learn a little Bambara along the way!      

DJ Mali


Radios are the primary source of information in Mali.  There is a massive rural population that for the most part has little to no access to television, newspapers, or internet.  Complicating things further, a too big proportion of the population  is illiterate meaning that even if access was improved it …