Ally Young: Coming Back to Madagascar as a PCRV

Ally with her Healthy Household Program members

By: PCV Ally Young, PC/Madagascar PC Madagascar welcomes the newest member of the malaria team, PCRV Ally Young, back to Madagascar. Ally served as a health PCV from 2010-2012 and returns for another year as a PCRV working with USAID | DELIVER. Ally’s work concerning malaria began when she served …

Educating Pregnant Mothers about Malaria

Pictured: Peace Corps Volunteer Kelly Sawyer, CHW Samuel Yawa and community members, Coast Province, Kenya.
Photo taken by: Jill Daniels, Peace Corps Volunteer – Kenya

About 1.5 million Kenyan women become pregnant each year and most live in areas where they are at risk of getting malaria (Malaria Control Noticeboard, 7th Ed, 2011). Pregnant women are especially susceptible to malaria and malaria parasites can be sequestered in the placenta causing a woman to test negative …


United to Stomp Out Malaria in Kenya

Members of Odiado Tumaini Orphan and Vulnerable Children Association in the Samia District of Western Kenya. Photo taken by: Sarah Kaufmann, Peace Corps Volunteer – Kenya

In August 2012, members of Odiado Tumaini Orphan and Vulnerable Children Association met to discuss the burden that malaria has on families and the wider community in Samia District in Kenya. Malaria is endemic in Western Province and transmission there is intense- in October alone there were 1,941 reported cases …

Zambian Health PCV distributes 600 PSI/MammaSafeNight Nets to his village!

Jon Mann PCV Zambia

  June 2011, Nets gets distributed by a PCV Zambian health volunteer! During June of last year the Mwinilunga District Health office had an abundance of PSI/ Mama Safenight mosquito nets, but lacked the funds to distribute them. The community health workers of Kanyikochi and I met to discuss how …

World Malaria Day in Dabir, Central Region, Ghana


By Johanna Twiford After gathering community members in our community center, my counterpart George and I welcomed everyone to our World Malaria Day event. The first half of the event included demonstrating how to properly hang, repair and wash a mosquito net. We utilized our new S.W.A.T. Malaria bucket lid …

S.W.A.T. Central takes World Malaria Day head on!


Central Region Peace Corps Volunteers came together on Sunday, April 22 2012 in our regional capital of Cape Coast to host a World Malaria Day event. As music was pumping and PCV’s were dancing the azonto, a small crowd gathered around to see what the action was about. Soon the …

Kedougou April Update


Bonjour dear Kedougou comrades, Bienvenue to your second monthly malaria update! Ben and Ian spent a good chunk of March testing out mosquito net visual aids for the net distribution organization Networks. Overall they were very useful and extremely well received by our communities, though there was definitely room for …


Spreading the World About Malaria with Twitter!


Morning folks – I’ve been writing a couple more introspective blogs lately so I thought I’d get back to the meat and bone of volunteer work – projects! I’m narrowing in on today’s project because of it’s importance and because I’m celebrating completing the first of six bi-annual observation visits & …

Ben Gascoigne – Rice Sacks and World Malaria Day


April 25th is World Malaria Day. On that day, mosquito net care and repair stations will be available at my community’s health post and 196 rice sacks will line the road from my village’s town center to the health post. Needles, thread, soap, buckets, and water will be provided through community …


PC Burkina Volunteer Project Spotlight


MOSQUITO NET PHOTO PROJECT PCV Bridget Roby – Burkina Faso This Malaria Prevention project was designed to encourage the continued use of mosquito nets in the village in conjunction with the introduction of neem cream, a natural insect repellent. The Community Health Workers and I visit each courtyard to see …