Lets Talk About Malaria


Mariana Andrade-Bejarano Observe the illustration and picture myself and other volunteers talking about it, step by step. Read Mariana’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Madagascar here

Sleep Tight..


Karin Nordstrom Now you may be wondering if the risk of malaria is only at night and if no one is newly infected with malaria then it cannot spread, why doesn’t everyone just sleep under their nets and malaria will go away. Well that is much easier said than done. …

Malaria in Madagascar’s Children


Debrah Lee In Madagascar, malaria is the second cause of morbidity of children under five and accounts for 14% of hospital admissions in that same age group. Read Debrah’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Madagascar here

World Malaria Day Drama


Michelle Crothers With my students’ input, I had organized activities with them to commemorate World Malaria Day (April 25th). Read Michelle’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Mozambique here

Analysis – Malaria Prevention and Control in Senegal


  BAMM: April is Blog About Malaria Month. That being the case, I thought that my blog would be a good forum to share excerpts from my Public Health Analysis (major culminating paper for Tulane) which I wrote on the subject of ‘Malaria Prevention and Control in Senegal’ as I …

Mosquitoes. (BAMM 2012)


Shannon Ogden They are everywhere here. I am getting bitten constantly. Even back in the states, mosquitoes loved to bite me. While in the US, getting bitten means feeling uncomfortably itchy for awhile, here there is a much bigger consequence: contracting malaria. It’s so common here that whenever people are …

Stomping Out Malaria in Africa


Martin Sterlicchi April 25th is World Malaria Day. A day to get everyone on board with stomping out malaria around the world. It’s scary to think that malaria is currently the biggest killer over here in Africa, and that it’s also one of the top reasons many kids never make …

The Number One Killer in Mozambique


Cameron Ingram A considerable portion of my blogs have been dedicated to HIV/AIDS, poverty, cultural oddities, the ungodly heat, eating beans, and my health. All very important topics, but it’s embarrassing to admit that not one of my blogs has been dedicated to, or has even mentioned, the number one …

Strengthening Communities, Saving Children


Adrienne Long Under-five mortality rate is the probability per 1,000 that a newborn baby will die before reaching age five, if subject to current age-specific mortality rates. In 2010, the under-five mortality rate in the United States was 8. This same year in Mozambique, the rate was 135. And the …

Malaria Prevention in the Sud-Est


Yu Sun Lets make sure that every African child can celebrate their 5th birthday. Read Yu’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Madagascar here

PC Response in Burkina Faso


Jen Schulz I recently had the fortune of attending a PC malaria and HIV/AIDs TOT in Ouahigouya the other week in which I learned about volunteers and their activities in malaria prevention- bednet promotion, sensitizations, home visits. It’s good to see that malaria is taking a priority in the PC …

Sleep Under a Net, Use Neem, Get Treated


Jenae Woodward As a volunteer or health worker in this area there are a few things that we do to educate people. 1. Sleep under a net, 2. Use Neem cream to protect yourself, 3. Get treated right away. Read Jenae’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Senegal here

Malaria Prevention Ubuntu?pt.2


Shane Meckler We are working with the local hospital to determine how we can go about distributing mosquito nets to these women in addition to families with children who are the most susceptible to coming down with severe malaria Read Shane’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Mozambique here

A Volunteer with Malaria


Patrick A I fell asleep for 5 minutes yesterday afternoon and woke up to find a man standing over me with a knife, who somehow then transformed himself into my mosquito net tied up above me. Not sure I like him as much as the shadow cat I always see …

Malaria Theater


Mikael Bangcaya Volunteers have to think of creative ways to share this information. In Tamba, our choice to keep people on their toes was to do a malaria theater tourney. Which is the fancy way of saying, slowly biking to different villages, dressing up in ladies clothing, pretending we’re mosquitoes, …

Karla’s Best Practices


Karla Diehl I sleep under a mosquito net every night, I take my malaria medicines every day, I wear bug spray and long sleeves to thwart the dreaded mosquitos, and I hope to make mosquitos nets as an income generating activity at my school and distribute them across Uganda! Read …

I Come with Peace


Jasmin Henderson I never leave the house without my insect repellent! Read Jasmin’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Mozambique here

Malaria Prevention Ubuntu?


Daniel Quinn Ubuntu is a philosophy that can be loosely summed us as ‘I am what I am because of who we all are.’ According to the meme, the philosophy was revealed to an anthropologist through a game he created and played with a group of children. The game was …

Prevention Efforts Do Make a Difference


Becca In my village, 48% of the CSPS visits were to treat malaria. As I put an extra effort into malaria education this month, it astounds me how much people just accept malaria as a fact of life. Read Becca’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Burkina-Faso here