Burkina Faso’s Singing Nerd Wants you to Frappez le Palu


Malaria kills more than 500,000 people a year, and while there’s not yet a proven vaccine, there are many ways to help protect oneself. Lyrics: Qu’est qu’on peut faire contre le palu Cet Maladie qui toucher beacoup Frappez les moustiques tres vite C’est vrait qu’il sont petits Mais leur sang …

Pre-Service Training Round Robin in Burkina Faso


In October 2011, the Peace Corps Health Trainees presented a “Health Round-robin” to the DABA Trainees. Their presentation included malaria basics, the Burkinabé health system structure, project suggestions and the infamous mosquito “bonk” (viewable on Stomp Out Malaria’s Youtube page). The workshop focused on the health topics included in Peace …

Spotlight on PCV Emily Engel

Neem; Emily Engel; Stomp Out Malaria; Burkina Faso

In September 2011, Health PCV Emily Engel from Anchorage, AL worked with her counterparts Haoua Ouédraogo and Mamouna Zida to promote neem cream production. The group created a full day workshop to reach all of the satellite villages in their health jurisdiction. During the workshop 55 women from surrounding villages …

The “Fight Against Malaria” Song with PCV Sara Goodman


PCV Sara Goodman is Non-Formal Education Volunteer posted in Burkina Faso who serves on Peace Corps Burkina Faso’s Community Health and AIDS Task-force, a group charged with promoting malaria prevention and treatment activities among the volunteer community.  In addition to being an awesome volunteer and health promoter, Sara is also …


Bridget Roby & the Net Photo Project


 This Malaria prevention project was designed to encourage the continued use of mosquito nets, in conjunction with the introduction of neem cream.  Bridget, along with local community health workers, visit each courtyard to see who has attached and is using their mosquito net.  Those who have them attached and say …


PC Burkina Volunteer Project Spotlight


MOSQUITO NET PHOTO PROJECT PCV Bridget Roby – Burkina Faso This Malaria Prevention project was designed to encourage the continued use of mosquito nets in the village in conjunction with the introduction of neem cream, a natural insect repellent. The Community Health Workers and I visit each courtyard to see …