Marche Madness: Taking Malaria to the Market

NAPO Adewa

“Pure Water! Pure water! Kpono! Kpono! Tomate! Tomate! Palu! Palu!… wait palu?” The market is often filled with the shouts of women selling their goods, but in Togolese villages the market has now become a forum for discussion on malaria (in Togo we say palu). The market is not just …

Malaria Month: The Togo 2013 Report

Lauren Falk1

Throughout the month of April, volunteers from all over Togo held World Malaria Day activities. Here are just a few examples of how volunteers shared information about malaria with their communities: Sarah Hogan, a Health Volunteer, traveled to a nearby village with a local youth group to perform skits. The …

Stomp, Stomp, Stomp

Alice McKinstry: Stomp, Stomp, Stomp

By: PCV Alice McKinstry, PC/Zambia I remember one of the best camping trips I’ve ever been on. It’s not really the trip as a whole that stands out, but the small things about it – folding origami dinosaurs, going for walks along the Puget Sound beaches, and telling scary stories …

Malaria Mural at Local Health Clinic

Community members will now be able to benefit from trainings at the local health clinic on malaria prevention thanks to this mural painted by two volunteers.

A malaria mural has hit Thyou, Burkina Faso! Trevor Pratt and Sara Chandler, volunteers in Thyou and Sala, are helping to Stomp Out Malaria in Africa! They spent three days painting a mural at the local health clinic. The wall where the mural is painted faces the main street in …

A LIFE Volunteers STOMPS MALARIA OUT in her village!

Nets on WMD Zambia

On World Malaria day, I worked with my nearest health volunteer Jen Park to create two programs. 1.  In Mikunku, we did a malaria presentation at our Under 5 clinic and we over 50 women and children, and at least 8 men asking questions and getting involved in the discussion! …

Malaria Education and Events: Mara Hildebrand

Mara H  PCV Zambia-- WMD

Malaria work in my village never ends…. Since my one-on-one impromptu malaria training I had with villagers who kept falling ill with malaria to continued teaching I have been doing on ITN usage and the importance of visiting a clinic during pregnancy, I always seem to stay busy in the …

Zambian Health PCV distributes 600 PSI/MammaSafeNight Nets to his village!

Jon Mann PCV Zambia

  June 2011, Nets gets distributed by a PCV Zambian health volunteer! During June of last year the Mwinilunga District Health office had an abundance of PSI/ Mama Safenight mosquito nets, but lacked the funds to distribute them. The community health workers of Kanyikochi and I met to discuss how …

Cameroon is Stomping Out Malaria

IST Malaria Training Session

Stomping Out Malaria in Africa ….. What audacity! What bravado! Yet this is exactly the challenge that Peace Corps Cameroon Volunteers have decided to undertake. What’s more, we sincerely believe that that we can succeed in this task! Malaria is the number one killer of children under 5 years old …

World Malaria Day Net Care and Repair Event


Materials (Amounts vary based on how many participants you anticipate attending your event- Use your best judgment. These amounts are based on having around 50 participants) [list style=”check”] 25 sewing needles 10 bars of soap (each cut into four pieces) 10 medium sized wash basins 1 spool of rope (for …

Stomp Team and MOP Team Experience Malaria Indicator Survey

Zambia MIS, May 2012

The Zambia Malaria Indicator Survey was being conducted during the MOP meeting and the team and Stomp Zambia was able to walk with the health volunteers and see what the MIS was all about. Collecting names, households, basic SES questions, malaria questions, as well as screen, test, and treat! The team traveled …

World Malaria Day: LaRocha LaRiviere

Adama Diallo, Community Health Worker

Senegal PCV LaRocha LaRiviere shares her experience with malaria in her village. “This past Wednesday was World Malaria Day, and people all around the world did activities and held events to acknowledge the damage caused by malaria and to raise awareness of how to prevent malaria. In Salémata, my village, Wednesday was …

One Step Closer to Victory


Jesse Casanova blogs about malaria on Malaria No More’s website. “World Malaria Day (April 25th) is an opportunity for everyone to rally together for a single cause. It is a day when health partners, the government, the private sector and communities find common ground.” View the entire entry here: One …

Sleep Tight..


Karin Nordstrom Now you may be wondering if the risk of malaria is only at night and if no one is newly infected with malaria then it cannot spread, why doesn’t everyone just sleep under their nets and malaria will go away. Well that is much easier said than done. …

Malaria in Madagascar’s Children


Debrah Lee In Madagascar, malaria is the second cause of morbidity of children under five and accounts for 14% of hospital admissions in that same age group. Read Debrah’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Madagascar here

World Malaria Day Drama


Michelle Crothers With my students’ input, I had organized activities with them to commemorate World Malaria Day (April 25th). Read Michelle’s blog here Read about Peace Corps Mozambique here

Analysis – Malaria Prevention and Control in Senegal


  BAMM: April is Blog About Malaria Month. That being the case, I thought that my blog would be a good forum to share excerpts from my Public Health Analysis (major culminating paper for Tulane) which I wrote on the subject of ‘Malaria Prevention and Control in Senegal’ as I …

Mosquitoes. (BAMM 2012)


Shannon Ogden They are everywhere here. I am getting bitten constantly. Even back in the states, mosquitoes loved to bite me. While in the US, getting bitten means feeling uncomfortably itchy for awhile, here there is a much bigger consequence: contracting malaria. It’s so common here that whenever people are …

Stomping Out Malaria in Africa


Martin Sterlicchi April 25th is World Malaria Day. A day to get everyone on board with stomping out malaria around the world. It’s scary to think that malaria is currently the biggest killer over here in Africa, and that it’s also one of the top reasons many kids never make …