Solomon Liu: Spreading Malaria A-wear-ness

The PCV soccer team before the Kamaranka town vs. PC game which Kamaranka won 4-1 - April 8th 2013

By: PCV Solomon Liu, PC/Sierra Leone

This April, approximately 20 Peace Corps volunteers from Sierra Leone rode their bicycles 55 miles, from Kamakwie to Panlap, as part of the Stomp Out Malaria Initiative. They stopped at villages along the way and did activities aimed at improving the villagers’ knowledge of malaria transmission, prevention, and treatment. To help spread the message, the volunteers wrote malaria-related slogans on white t-shirts.

Some creative slogans:

Fight the Bite

Death to Malaria (under a Grateful Dead logo)

Front: Make Malaria Extinct
Back: T-Rex likes bed nets too

Front: Got Malaria?
Back: Go to a clinic for FREE treatment

Perhaps a logical next step is to create year-round awareness by having the villagers create their own t-shirts.



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