PCV’s in Ghana Utilize S.W.A.T. Bucket for World Malaria Day


By: Beth Davidson

Emmaline Repp organized the Upper East Region World Malaria Day event with her counterpart Joe and her Persons Living With AIDS Group, in Bolga.  Emma and Joe selected some more of the outgoing and long-time members of the group to train on certain elements of the SWAT Malaria Bucket.  During their monthly support group meeting, they discussed malaria and its burden on their communities and how it specifically affected them as PLWAs.  Those members who received training on the tools (who were already familiar with popular Peace Corps user education tools like the Journey of Hope Kit) then did demonstrations with the group (of about thirty attendees) and facilitated discussions of the disease and the significance of World Malaria Day.  Education PCV Lauren Corke and Agriculture PCVs Robert Veling and Dawn Rostad also helped with the event.

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