Mozambique Weekly Awesome: Positivo Malaria Music in Gaza

Positivo Workshop in Manjacaze

Youth in Gaza Province have been busy taking a musical stand against Malaria.

Youth groups in Chibuto, Chidenguele, Manjacaze and Xai-Xai have created their own original music working with Positivo, an association based in Inhambane that creates music for raising awareness about Health and Social matters. Positivo promotes positive learning opportunities to young people from the remote areas of Mozambique and other neighboring countries in Southern Africa.

Each of the songs were created in four days. First, the youth were introduced to the musical talents of Positivo, usually through a concert setting at their school. Then, the youth attended a one-day seminar on malaria provided by Peace Corps Volunteers. After the youth groups worked with Peace Corps Volunteers and Positivo to create, write and record the original music. The music was shared on the radio, via telephones and flash drives and at local events. Now, you can even find them on Youtube. Some of the groups are already working on other songs using other health topics.

But, don’t take our word for it.

Check out the latest original tunes about Malaria!