Mozambique Goes to Malaria Boot Camp VIII

Popeguine beach - there is malaria here

Peace Corps Mozambique was thrilled to attend Malaria Boot Camp for the third year in a row! The Boot Camp was held in September in Thies, Senegal and had an outstanding 18 African countries represented. The training covered everything from the basics of malaria to the intricacies of the parasite evolution and along the way we were taught the ways in which we can train our communities to acknowledge malaria as a danger and work toward prevention.


Boot Camp VIII receives a Grassroots Soccer training

It was a marathon of a training, but luckily we had pit-stops to refresh ourselves with ice cream and beach time. It was also helpful to have so many guest speakers like Admiral Tim Ziemer, PMI Global Malaria Coordinator and Rob Mather, Founder of the Against Malaria Foundation. Grassroots Soccer even stopped by to give a day-long training on their new malaria curriculum!

Undoubtedly, each volunteer and staff member who attended the training left with a mountain’s worth of ideas to implement in their countries, a facebook’s worth of new contacts, and year’s worth of work ahead of them.

Thank you to everyone who put Boot Camp VIII together and all who shared their time to help a new group of volunteers and staff broaden their views on what can be done to combat malaria. It was a successful training and we look forward to all the projects that will develop from our collaboration.