Mali Malaria Month Competition!


On April 25th the entire planet will be marking World Malaria Day by giving donations and raising awareness about this annoying disease. But in Mali, where malaria affects 100% of the people living here (including you!), one day just isn’t gonna cut it. So I hereby proclaim April to be Mali’s Malaria Month!


Malaria Month will be a competition between the regions. On May 1st we’ll count up all the programs that PCVs have done in each region to see who is the most committed to Stomping Out Malaria in Mali. The winning region will be presented with “Moustiquaire d’Or” to proudly display at their regional house. That’s right. A golden mosquito net. Each year the winning region will be able to add their name to the net to let everyone know definitively that they are better than everyone else. Let the games begin!

Kayes/ Kenieba/Manatali



Mande Kaw Bike Tour



PCV Heather Sharp makes Neem Lotion
Team Captains Sam Levin Christina Hyson,
Ashley Arnold
Sam Levin,
Keiko Stobaeus
Sean Cochrane,
Lena Gonzalez,
Melissa Correia
Pamela Cruz,
Veronica Karwoski
Susie Vulpas
Total Points 40 970 265 60 55 85
Average per PCV 2 40 10 1 1 4
PCVs Participating 11% 100% 31% 11% 7.5% 15%
Last Updated March 30 March 30 April 2 March 29 March 29 April 2

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