Malaria Mural at Local Health Clinic

Community members will now be able to benefit from trainings at the local health clinic on malaria prevention thanks to this mural painted by two volunteers.

A malaria mural has hit Thyou, Burkina Faso! Trevor Pratt and Sara Chandler, volunteers in Thyou and Sala, are helping to Stomp Out Malaria in Africa! They spent three days painting a mural at the local health clinic. The wall where the mural is painted faces the main street in the village attracting much attention to the public. After creating a design and having it approved by the head physician at the health clinic, Trevor and Sara got started right away. The focus of the mural is how malaria is transmitted, featuring three main stages. While painting, many community members were very interested in what the volunteers were doing, giving them prime time to do mini trainings. They talked about how malaria is transmitted, pointing out the three stages on the mural, and ways to prevent it. Most people in their region do not speak French and are illiterate, so they wrote the word “malaria” in both French and Moore, the most popular local language in that area. Trevor and Sara wanted to focus on using images so everyone can benefit from their work. After the mural was completed, Trevor and Sara did a short training with students from the primary school in Thyou. They plan on doing greater community-wide trainings in the coming month. Through awareness projects like this, Trevor and Sara hope to continue to Stomp Out Malaria in Africa and someday eliminate malaria from Burkina Faso! For more stories of how volunteers are working to eliminate malaria in Africa, check out

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