Malaria at the Eastern Region’s GLOW Camp


Camp Glow Participants

Written by Stephanie Stern, an Education Volunteer who serves in the Eastern Province of Rwanda

Rwanda is known as the Land of 1000 Hills. Indeed, almost all of Rwanda is covered with enormous hills. The hills and their high altitudes lead people to believe that Rwanda faces less of a risk from malaria, a disease that thrives in lowland topography. Most of Peace Corps Rwanda works to educate Rwanda on the risks of malaria, which is present throughout Rwanda, no matter the altitude. However, in the Eastern Region of Rwanda it’s much flatter and malaria is correspondingly more prevalent. PCV’s are coming together in the beginning of August for a GLOW camp, which is an opportune time to educate the young women of Rwanda about malaria and its dangers.

Camp Glow Participants Under a Mosquito Net

Camp Glow Participants Under a Mosquito Net

GLOW (Girls Leading Our World) camp is a three day training of girls. PCV’s bring a group of girls from their communities and they learn about HIV/AIDS prevention, resume building, gender empowerment, and- of course-malaria. As this is an opportunity where the PCV’s of the Eastern region of Rwanda are together and we have a willing audience at our disposal, we decided to do our regional malaria project at GLOW camp.

The project looks like this. The girls arrive at camp. There is general hullaballoo as the PCV’s run around getting everyone situated. As some girls are getting settled, the girls who are already settled need something to do. Enter malaria project. We are planning to do a tabling type event. There will be 5 stations set up and girls will go to each station and do a different malaria activity.

Station 1: Malaria trivia! How well do you know your malaria facts?

Station 2: Do you have malaria? Follow a flow chart to decide if you need to go to the health center to get tested.

Station 3: Life Cycle flash cards! Put the life cycle of malaria and it’s vector- the mosquito.

Station 4: Who’s at risk? Judge photos of different individuals to decide who is, in fact, more at risk for malaria.

Station 5: A net repair race! Learn how to doctor your ripped mosquito net and then race with a partner to test your new skills.

After the girls have completed all five stations, they can sign a promise banner, pledging to sleep under a mosquito net.

These activities will impart important information on a critical topic, keep the girls occupied in a (hopefully) fun way and give us a kick start to our camp!