Inspiring Youth to Promote Malaria Awareness


Participants at the World Malaria Day event in Maxixe, Inhambane

On April 25th, 2015, Health Volunteers Katelyn Dzialowy and Melanie Bolden helped to Stomp Out Malaria at the “Vamos Falar!” Concert, an event hosted by fellow Education Volunteers Eric Cooper and Dulce Gonzalez in Maxixe, Inhambane. The event was a concert hosted at a local restaurant, Tsaka, and open to community members in the area.  The concert is the first in a series of events in a larger project to build the capacity of Maxixe-area youth through health trainings and community activism. The concert followed a soccer tournament that took place earlier in the day. The concert also involved many local area youth and PCVs who collaborated in order to support the project. Their malaria booth included a malaria challenge game, armbands with the phrase “Malaria Kills” written on them, pledges to adopt a behavior change to prevent malaria infection and a drawing for a chance to win a “Tatu Fights Malaria” book with each paper drawn featuring a fact about malaria prevention and transmission.


Peace Corps Volunteers and community members showing off their “Malaria Kills” bracelets.

The goal of the bright red armbands was to serve as a reminder of the severity of the disease. The facts ignited conversation and questions about malaria that we hope will also help the participants in their work in the “Vamos Falar!” project as they take their first major steps into community activism. There was also a repellent station in which participants were able to use mosquito repellent and later in the evening, mosquito repellent was given away. Over 20″Tatu Fights Malaria” books were handed out and many people visited the booth and asked questions about malaria and were excited to try the challenge questions as well as take pledges to adopt a behavior change that would significantly decrease their likelihood of malaria infection.


The Peace Corps malaria booth at Vamos Falar!


Community activists in the making ready to promote malaria awareness.