Help Me Map My Village!

The hot season is starting here in Botswana bringing with it brutal 100 degrees and up heat and a lot of mosquitoes.  This season we are gearing up our efforts to prevent malaria across the country.

Botswana is lucky to be in the elimination phase, we have a lower number of symptomatic cases of malaria and malaria related deaths and a greater need for surveillance and case management in hopes of eliminating malaria completely in Botswana. To increase surveillance we’re using a targeted localized approach which relies on accurate mapping.

OpenStreetMap is a new technology where the public can contribute to better map the world which is an incredible benefit to Peace Corps volunteers in more remote areas. Our request? Those living in or familiar with Chobe District (listed by priority Kachikau, Kazungula, Kasane, Mabele, Parakarungu, Kavimba, Satau, Lesoma, Pandamatenga) in Botswana, help us map these areas.

Screen shot 2014-09-28 at 12.59.00 PM

With this information we can better ensure that each and every household is covered by IRS (indoor residual spraying), or a LLIN (long-lasting insecticide treated mosquito net), that every positive case is located, followed up, and categorized as local or imported and treated. This mapping has the potential to also help with  tracking TB cases, water and sanitation issues, and more

With your fast internet and our on-the-ground knowledge, together we can help Botswana eradicate malaria by 2018. Nyeletsa Malaria!


(links to a youtube video if you want to see how its done)

1. Go to and register
2. Confirm the email address in your inbox
3. Login
4. Search Kachikau, Botswana (or Kazungula, Kasane, Mabele, Parakarungu, Kavimba, Satau, Lesome, Pandamatenga)
5. Click “Edit”
6. Use the “Area” tool to start outlining house (we need to outline both traditional and modern structures)
7. SAVE! Tah-dah
8. Feel good about having done your part in helping to end malaria in our lifetime.

For some awesome people who are passionate about mapping Botswana check them out on Facebook. Technology can be fun…!