Day 5: Health Structure Visits and Call with Rear. Adm. Tim Ziemer


Participants visited three local health structures to learn about the great work and challenges associated with malaria intervention in Senegal. Doctors, mid-wives, and nurses were interviewed by participants to learn about accessibility, facilities, training, and attitudes in the health system.

In the afternoon, the PMI US Global Malaria Coordinator, Rear. Adm. Tim Ziemer Skyped in to share a few words with the Malaria Team. Below is a quote from the conversation:

Rear. Adm. Tim Ziemer

I see the Peace Corps as a key member of the President’s Malaria team. Why is that? I think it’s really clear because of where you work and how you work you bring a completely different perspective than the majority of the partners that we’re working with. I think it’s acknowledged worldwide – certainly here in Washington – that the point of entry of the Peace Corps and Peace Corps Volunteers is at the grassroots level and at the local level in some of the most remote parts of a country, and that’s where most of the people who are at risk or are burdened with malaria happen to reside. And people understand that Peace Corps Volunteers understand the whole strategy of house-to-house, on person at a time, and you clearly see the linkage between policy and strategy to actually getting it done on the ground and working with those who we all speak to serve. So thankfully I’m delighted to see the Peace Corps as such an important partner of the President’s Malaria Initiative, I am very very appreciative of the interest that all of you have shown by stepping up and volunteering to be part of this training program, and overall I just want to thank you for what you’re doing and continuing to help us to make progress in this very very important initiative.

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