Kristopher Mills, Burkina Faso – Malaria PCV of the Week


THE SCOOP ON KRIS Kris Mills is a committed Volunteer, a good planner and a true leader. Malaria is an endemic disease in Burkina Faso, as in many countries in Africa. Malaria is more prevalent in the south and southwest regions of Burkina Faso, the area where Kris serves. STELLAR STATS …

Adam Nothem, Tanzania – Malaria PCV of the Week

Adam Nothem with fellow PCV Conor O'Herin at the fourt h and final day of the Southern Region World Malaria Day Tour.

THE SCOOP ON ADAM Adam has been serving for a year as a Health Volunteer in Tanzania. Adam participated in the December Stomp Out Malaria boot camp and currently serves as the regional malaria coordinator for the Southern-Most Region. STELLAR STATS Adam is incredibly passionate in the fight against malaria. Prior to Peace …

Malaria PCV of the Week: Kate Mishkin, Cameroon

Stomp Out Malaria Coordinator Kate Mishkin at the event

THE SCOOP ON KATE Kate is currently serving as the Stomp Out Malaria Coordinator for Peace Corps Cameroon; she began her service in 2014 and will be leaving this month to finish her Masters in Sustainable International Development at Brandies University. Ms. Mishkin’s duties are wide-ranging and included, but are not limited to, …

Malaria PCV of the Week: Bijan Manavizadeh, Benin

Bijan 300x300

The Scoop on Bijan Bijan “Bij” started his service in June 2012 and was originally a Community Economic Development (Peace Corps’ business sector) Volunteer, but transferred to the health sector in July 2014. Bij is the National Malaria Commissioner, a third year volunteer, and serves as a liaison between BAM, …

Malaria PCV of the Week: Camille Yameen, Madagascar


The Scoop on Camille Camille began her service as a Health PCV in April of 2014, and has been kickin’ malaria butt and taking names ever since.  She lives in a village in a coastal region in the south east of Madagascar; an area of particularly high malaria transmission. Stellar Stats …

Malaria PCV of the Week: Elijah Haines, Cameroon

Elijah 300x300

The Scoop on Elijah Elijah is a  Community Health Volunteer in Cameroon. He started his service November 2013. Stellar Stats In October of 2014, Elijah held a four-day Men as Partners in the village of Gangassaou in the Adamawa region. Together with his counterparts, the local Red Cross chapter president, …

Malaria PCV of the Week: Hannah Mills, Senegal

Hannah Mills, Senegal

The Scoop on Hannah Hannah is a Master’s International student completing her Master’s in Public Health and gaining practical experience as a Preventative Health Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal. Hannah began her service in January 2013. Her primary projects include research on the barriers to prenatal care attendance and giving birth in a health …

Charlotte Steppling, Madagascar

Malaria PCV of the Week- Charlotte Stepling, Madagascar

Charlotte began her service in September 2013 as an Education PCV in the village of Mahanoro in the eastern Atsinanana region of Madagascar. In addition to teaching, Charlotte currently serves as the Regional Malaria Coordinator for the east coast.

As an education volunteer, Charlotte has dedicated her time not only to teaching English, but to teaching English with a focus on malaria. With her English club, she has encouraged students to practice their language skills by making videos about malaria awareness and education. Her club is also working on a three-part malaria mural in the community.

For World Malaria Day in 2014, Charlotte conducted supply chain assessments, giving Peace Corps and government officials a solid insight on the availability of the East coast’s malaria commodities. She also spent hours on social media spreading malaria messages, reaching out to friends in and out of Madagascar, and helped organize a successful malaria festival in her village with over 500 villagers in attendance!

Dan Hodson, Senegal

Malaria PCV of the Week- Dan Hodson, Senegal

Dan originally started his Peace Corps service in October 2010 in Niger, but was moved to Senegal shortly thereafter when the program closed. He has been in Senegal, without having taken a vacation, ever since. Seeing Dan is a rarity in the PCV community because he is so dedicated to his work, and his tirelessness is paying off in a big way. He will be in the US for the month of July to participate in the Global Health Delivery Summer Intensive program at Harvard University before returning to Senegal for the remainder of the malaria season, and the NMCP is discussing how to implement Dan’s approach in more districts.

Erica Orange, Zambia

Malaria PCV of the Week- Erica Orange, Zambia

Erica is a second year health volunteer serving in Luwingu district in the Northern province of Zambia. She has a degree in Public Health Education from James Madison University.

Erica has used her academic background to develop a health action group in her community as well as train community members in malaria prevention. Following a two-day training on malaria transmission, prevention, and treatment, Erica and her health action group traveled door-to-door in their community, spreading awareness and collecting data on net usage.

Following the campaign, Erica, alongside community health workers and village leaders, were able to procure nets and not only distribute, but hang them in all homes in need.

Erica is now working to share this model with PCVs across the country.

Megan Carroll, Uganda

Malaria PCV of the Week- Megan Carroll, Uganda

Megan is a Health PCV in the village of Kashenshero in Mitoma District, Uganda. She hit the one-year service mark in April and is currently attending Stomping Out Malaria’s intensive two-week malaria training in Senegal.

Megan truly rose to the occasion during Uganda’s participation in Stomp’s World Malaria Month competition.

During the month of April alone, Megan accomplished a diverse array of malaria prevention activities including:

Amie Pendleton-Knoll, Malawi

Malaria PCV of the Week, Amie Pendleton-Knoll

Amie is currently a Health Volunteer in Malawi serving in the village of Nkhotakota. Since her return from Malaria Boot Camp in February 2014, Amie has been a huge asset to the Stomping Out Malaria team in Malawi.

From successfully leading Grassroots Soccer Malaria Skillz programs, organizing formal health talks, and casually chatting about malaria prevention with children in her village, Amie is a committed malaria fighter. During World Malaria Month in April, Amie led numerous malaria activities both at her site and at Camp GLOW (Girls Leading Our World). She is now planning a bike tour with neighboring PCVs to educate about malaria at primary schools in the area.

Tanim Awwal, Kenya

Malaria PCV of the Week-Tanim Awwal, Kenya

Tanim began his service in 2012 as a Health Volunteer in Sagalla, a community in the Coast Province of Kenya.

After attending Stomping Out Malaria’s intensive malaria training in 2013, he returned to Kenya to work as a malaria program coordinator.

When Tanim arrived in Sagalla, he partnered with the local health dispensary to analyze the vast amount of health data collected by the facility.

After crunching six months worth of data, he discovered that children under-five were rarely tested for malaria and instead diagnosed based on symptoms alone. Tanim presented his findings and as a result, the health center changed their policy to encourage testing and treating based on confirmed diagnosis!

Yu Sun, Madagascar

Malaria PCV of the Week-Yu Sun, Madagascar

Yu began her service in 2011 in Lopary, Farafangana serving as a Community Health Educator. Presently she lives in Antananarivo, Madagascar where she serves as the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa National Coordinator and Peace Corps liaison to the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI).