Boot Camp VI, Day 4: Logical Frameworks and Theories of Behavior Change


Matt McLaughlin, Stomp Program Manager, and PCRV Jesse Casanova led a session about project logical frameworks and action planning. They walked participants through the process of putting together a project plan and necessary tools used for monitoring and evaluation. Participants divided into small groups and constructed their own project frameworks and action plans related to specific malaria interventions.

PCVL Michael Toso presents about theories of behavior change.

PCVL Michael Toso presents about theories of behavior change.

Afterwards, Senegal PCVL Michael Toso presented about the theories of behavior change. Toso discussed three major theories of behavior change: Social Cognitive Theory, the Trans-Theoretical Model, and the Theory of Reasoned Action.  In his discussion, he highlighted strengths and weaknesses in each theory and discussed how and when each should be applied in relation to malaria interventions.

Continuing with the conversation of behavior change theories, participants viewed Nicholas Christakis 2010 TED entitled “The hidden influence of social networks”. The TED talk explored how one’s position in his/her own social network could influence behavior and impact one’s life in unexpected ways. Participants were challenged to apply this theory to their own situation as grassroots level Volunteers.

In the afternoon, Matt McLaughlin led the group in a discussion about determining why some people perform a certain behavior when others do not. The participants divided into small groups and conducted a barrier analysis to a specific behavior.  The group also explored different behavior change campaigns and strategies for implementation.


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