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Get Involved

Malaria has been a scourge on the world for over 80,000 years, but the progress in the last ten years has been nothing short of extraordinary. We’re on our way to a malaria free future, but it’s going to take a concerted effort world-wide to get there. Be part of it.

Whether you’re a Peace Corps Volunteer, staff member, RPCV, proud parent of a Volunteer, friend or just someone interested in malaria prevention, there’s lots to do.

PCV Get Involved

  • Write a blog about your experience with malaria prevention.
    • Tell us about how malaria effects your community.
    • Tell us about the community members fighting against it.
    • Tell us about your work.
    • Tell us a story about how malaria affected you personally.
  • Then let us know where it is.
    • Send your name, email, and the URL of your blog post to your Malaria Coordinator.
  • We’ll let the world know about your blog through this website, Facebook and Twitter, and you should get on FB and Twitter and do the same.


What Else

Donate to Peace Corps Projects and Funds:

Donations to Peace Corps Projects provide grants to the small (under $5,000) community driven projects that Peace Corps excels at. Help communities that want to ensure all their children sleep under a bed net. Help entrepreneurs build businesses selling mosquito net hammocks. Help train community health workers to diagnose and treat their own community members so that they don’t need to walk 10 plus miles for clinical care.

All Peace Corps Partnership grants require a 25% or greater contribution from their community and all accounting is done by the communities hand in hand with a Peace Corps Volunteer, so you can be sure that your donation gets to the people who need it the most.


Look into one of the organizations that Peace Corps works with:

Against Malaria


Be sure to let them know that Peace Corps sent you 😉


Spread the word

The more people that care about malaria prevention, the better. Make your voice heard by:

  • Writing your elected officials. Let them know that US government efforts are the cornerstone of the international malaria prevention efforts that save the lives of 485 children a day.
  • Tell your friends and family about the importance of malaria prevention.
  • Share via FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram and megaphone!


Most Importantly – Stay Connected

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  • Like us on Facebook and be an active participant in the community
      • When an interesting project highlight is posted like it or even better, share.
      • When you’re curious about something, ask. We want your questions and engagement.
      • If you have suggestions, or you want to work with us on a project – email [email protected]