About Blog About Malaria Month

Surf CompetitionStomping Out Malaria in Africa is incredibly proud of the work that Peace Corps Volunteers have done over the last four years. From Guinea to Ethiopia to Madagascar and all the Peace Corps posts in between, Volunteers are more engaged than ever in malaria prevention. And a key component of our success has been the power of the internet to disseminate great ideas and enable collective action.

Ideas like using photos to change community norms regarding net use have traveled at the speed of internet from a Volunteer in a small village in Burkina Faso to communities across Africa. And in Ghana, Volunteers separated by hours of travel can come together virtually to sponsor an awareness-raising World Malaria Day Surf Tournament.

So it’s fitting that we use this 21st century medium to celebrate our 4th anniversary this World Malaria Day by sponsoring Blog About Malaria Month.

Throughout the month of April, Volunteers and Peace Corps staff across Africa will be telling their stories and the stories of their community’s efforts to Stomp Out Malaria. You’ll read about how malaria effects infants and pregnant mothers, how it prevents children from getting the education they so need to become their countries future leaders, and how it cuts like a knife through families. But you’ll also hear about the communities across Africa that are taking their future into their own hands and the Peace Corps Volunteers who are fighting with them. You’ll hear about a youth group in Uganda that formed a company to sell mosquito net hammocks at subsidized costs to local community members in need. You’ll hear about community health workers in Zambia who are using SMS to report cases of malaria. And you’ll hear about Peace Corps Volunteers who have given two years and more of their lives to work hand-in-hand with their communities to make malaria history.

Please take the time to read through the blogs, share them with your friends, like them on Facebook, tweet them, Instagram them, and discuss them over a beer with those you love. Peace Corps Volunteers give of themselves every day, and it is our privilege to shine a light on their amazing work this World Malaria Day. Pass it on.