4o miles, 6 villages, 5 days: the Mali Malaria awareness bike tour


From March 3-8, a group of Mali PCVs biked a total of 40 miles and visited 6 villages to spread the Stomping Out Malaria in Africa message.  The first stop on the tour was Djoliba the home town of acclaimed musician Salif Keita.  PCVs rolled into town early in the morning and set up a table in the market.  With their Stomp Out Malaria shirts and event banner, they quickly attracted a crowd.  The volunteers led a malaria discussion with the group and taught them how to make neem lotion.  While the volunteers also taught the Mosquito Bonk and used a microscope to show what malaria looks like, the best was saved for last.

Right before packing up, Aramatou Djale approached the volunteers.  Inspired by the neem demonstration given by the volunteers, she ran home and prepared the lotion herself.  She proudly returned to the market with her finished product.  Women immediately surrounded her and asked her a series of questions of which she was more than happy to answer.  The volunteers left Djoliba to move on to the next village confident that Aramatou would continue to carry on the Stomp mission.

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